Life, Death and Nasus Counter

Finding the Best Nasus Counter

At this point you have a double help after doing lots of the job. If you’re desperate, it may be viable. Don’t fight him unless you’ve got to or if you’re ahead. When you’re playing against her, never nasus counter concentrate on her. To counter, you should take note of what you’re facing. Handling it however should be rather simple. Some of them might not make much sense, like Violent Violence”, but you can like them anyway.

Attempt to prevent fighting Nasus while his ultimate is active if you don’t get a crystal clear benefit. Just like, attempt to kill him if you have the chance but make sure it isn’t the clone, you will appear stupid. It’s a significant cast time and is easy to spot if you’re searching for it.

You’ll have less damage overall, however you will not die as often if you’re smart in the way that you play. This product is also perfect for dealing passive damage to enemies in a teamfight and can be in a position to turn a fight. To counter it you only need to dodge his attacks. After the first auto, make sure you escape as it only requires one particular attack as a way to aggro your minions. The better part of the occasions, between last strikes, you are able to just shoot the true enemy a couple of occasions, and AD can get the most out of the strenght from the hits.