Has Your Windows 10 Taskbar Disappeared?

Have you ever faced such issues in windows 10 like windows 10 taskbar is missing? The taskbar, that is normally located at the bottom of display screen if you’re running windows 10, contains the list of programs for instant access. You can customize the taskbar items by adding new or removing existing. Anyways, it’s another discussion how to add or remove items and change other taskbar settings.

Here I’m to discuss a very common issue which is appeared in windows 1o that the taskbar is missing. If you’re having some other issues as well, then Resetting Your Windows 10 might be helpful. Sometimes, windows 10 just become slow in working, the taskbar can also be hidden due to this slow processing. This is probably if your Windows 10 Using too Much of RAM. If you’re observing any such slow functioning behavior then clearing cache is the best way to make it function normally. In this regard, I suggest you to try 5 Ways to Clear Cache on Windows 10.

Have your windows correctly installed?

First of all, you need to make that you don’t have installed your windows 10 without skipping something or facing an issue. Learning about 5 Issues during Windows 10 Installation might help you to encounter any such issue. If Windows is successfully installed it means the issue is taskbar is due to some other reason which you can handle without resetting or reinstalling your windows. Now we’ll look at the causes why windows 10 taskbar is disappeared.

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Why Taskbar is Disappeared?

This can be due to:

·         The taskbar can be hidden accidently resized or shifted to the top, left or right side. Do check it.

·         The taskbar may have been moved off the desktop display. In case you’ve changed your display properties.

·         Do you know about auto hide option? May be this is happened in your case.

·         Another reason is the “explorer.exe” process may have been crashed.

Now I’ll discus all of the possible solutions to bring back your taskbar to desktop.

i) Solution 1: Unhide Taskbar

If you think your taskbar is just hidden then it should show up upon moving your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen. If not then try moving the pointer to all four sides of display and see if it shows out. If it appears then the very first thing you should do is to right click on taskbar, go to its properties, uncheck the box of “Auto hide Taskbar” and hit Apply button. Now it will remain static from now on and won’t hide.

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If you like to keep it on auto hide then make sure you remember how to bring it up. You can also change the location of taskbar from bottom to any other of remaining three sides, in case you like it. Otherwise taskbar is always preferred to be at bottom for instant access to the programs it contain.

ii) Solution 2: Change Display Settings

If you often connect your computer to external displays then the issue can be related to display settings. For older versions of windows, you can confirm it by going to control panel of your computer and then Display > Adjust resolution and Change Display Settings.

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For windows 10, you can see simply go to the left sided slide bar and click/tap on Devices > Project and set it to PC Screen Only. Make sure it is not set to Duplicate or Extend options. If the taskbar issue has been caused due to such display settings then it should be solved now.

Solution 3: Explorer.exe settings

I know many of you already know about the handy tips like checking if taskbar is auto hided or if something is wrong with display settings. You may have already tried before opening your browser to find the solution of disappeared taskbar on internet. Now this Explorer.exe method is the key method which will solve your problems related to the taskbar.

Desktop icons scrambling is also an issue which is related to explorer.exe, I’ve already discussed its solutions in How to Stop Desktop Icons Scrambling in Windows 10. These both, along with some other desktop related functions are running under explorer.exe.

First of all, you need to open Task manager in windows 10 (do same if you’re using an older version of windows). Then click on File > Run New Task. Move ahead and type explorer.exe and hit enter button. Explorer process will be restarted and I’m sure you’ll get back your taskbar on your desktop. If new explorer window come up then it means everything is running fine and your taskbar issue is set.

Solution 4: Scan your Computer

There can be some malware or virus program which is hiding your taskbar by forcefully taking control over its settings. You need to scan your computer with some good antivirus program. Start a Full System Scan and wait until it’s done. It may take several hours to complete.

Some General Solutions

Still if you observe that your taskbar is missing then there are some other causes and their solutions. Though these are very unlikely to happen but you can try them if the above solutions haven’t solved you issue.

  • The hardware drivers can cause any such disturbance on your desktop. To tackle this, it is advised to always upgrade your hardware drivers whenever you update windows.
  • Running system file checker can also help you in this situation. It will check and sort out the corrupted and damaged files present in your system.


These were some solutions to deal with windows 10 taskbar disappeared. Hope it was easy to understand and you’ve already solved your problem. In fact, these solutions and tips are very common and general for many issues of such sort in windows 10. For more information tech, you can visit http://mybrowserupdates.com. And for exciting news & reviews of latest games, please visit https://revholics.com.

You don’t always need to call windows support center or your computer expert if you face any such issues. Just go through the tips that you can try at home and see if it solves your issue. If nothing is working or you afraid is something serious has happened then you should take this to next step like contacting your computer expert anyone you think that can solve it for you!