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Scripture exhibits that israel observed the weekly sabbath, the seventh day of the week (ex 20:8-eleven; 31:12-18; deut five:12-14). Moreover, besides these weekly sabbaths, there have been festival sabbaths! If any of these fell for the duration of the normal week, they counted it as an extra sabbath in that week, meaning there have been from time to time two sabbaths in a single week: the dinner party sabbath and the weekly sabbath.

Proof? Lev. 23:1-four deals with weekly sabbaths of rest. Leviticus 23:4-44 deals with holy convocations, or sabbaths, which are extra sabbaths in the week. Observe verses 7-36 where “holy convocations” are cited and verses 24-39 wherein simple “sabbaths” are noted. There were additionally sabbath years of rest for the land, which includes jubilee (the fiftieth yr, leviticus 25).

Good friday

So, there were sabbaths within the passover week, the week of jesus’ crucifixion: the banquet sabbath, or high day, in addition to the weekly sabbath. What is good friday agreement

Why does the church get pressured? First, we do not take time to be aware the “fixed” points of scripture. 2nd, the gentile translators of the scriptures did not apprehend the regulation regarding hebrew feasts and sabbaths. Ultimately, the unintentional, if now not blatantly smug assumption that the roman, nighttime-to-nighttime approach changed into the approach utilized by the writers.

Three days and three nights

There are sixteen references in the new testomony speaking of the three days/3 nights of christ’s redemptive paintings. In his first bringing up of his sufferings (matt sixteen:21), jesus says he might be ‘raised again the 0.33 day.’ in john 2:19, he had already cited ‘3 days’ because the time after which he might raise up ‘the temple of his frame,’ this expression takes place eleven times in regard to his resurrection. The expression ‘after three days’ (mk 8:31), is used to describe the same occasion.