VIOFO A119S Dashboard camera

The A119S dash cam is the modern-day wedge formed digicam from VIOFO. This digital camera is supposed to be an evolutionary development over the A119. essential differences are the usage of the Sony IMX291 CMOS sensor as opposed to the Omnivision OV4689 and a narrower lens (a hundred thirty five stages vs the a hundred and sixty levels in the A119). The A119S most decision is 1080p at 60fps that is decrease than the 1440p resolution of the A119.

Our member Mtz has shared a photograph comparing the A119S lens with A119 lens. word that the A119S lens is not adjustable from left to right like the A119.

Video great at some point of the day is very good and night best is good. The A119S plays better in night situations when compared to the original A119.

the best frond and rear dashboard camera for car

different key specs of the A119S are the same as the A119. It comes with a 2″ display screen and an non-obligatory GPS mount. build nice is good and the digicam comes with a G-Sensor. length isn’t the smallest at 85mm x 52mm x 36mm but the wedge shape permits it to be installed discreetly. Like all of the cameras in this series, the A119S does not have buffered parking mode. An non-compulsory circular Polarizing Lens (CPL) is to be had as well.

recognised issues

Buttons now not working

a few proprietors have indicated whilst the digicam is on, all the buttons do no longer work and the digicam does now not file. Reflashing the firmware appears to clear up this problem.

GPS Pin caught

some proprietors have indicated that the connecting pin for the GPS can get slightly bent after which receives caught as proven within the following photo. It doesn’t affect all proprietors however might be a situation for those who plan to connect and detach the camera often.

must I buy?

The A119S is the satisfactory all round dash cam to be had available on the market today. Video excellent is one of the excellent to be had especially at night time. There had been numerous firmware updates which have advanced overall performance. All other components of the digital camera are notable (form issue, build excellent, preliminary reliability). overall an extremely good camera.

If video great at night is much less crucial for you, you could shop a few bucks and get the authentic A119 alternatively. See what different proprietors have to say about the A119S on our forum.

Firmware replace commands

down load the firmware file
Unzip the file the use of an unzip application
Open the file and copy the .bin record at once onto the MicroSD card root file (use a 32GB most card, FAT32 format)
Insert the MicroSD card into the camera and power it on through a 5V/1A power source, e.g. cigarette lighter or strength financial institution, it will start improve robotically.
even as upgrading the the front REC purple LED begins blinking. The mild will blink slowly at the start, then it’ll blink quickly. After the light stops blinking, the upgrade is compete. be aware the firmware might be deleted robotically after the improve

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