Are You Tracking Your Mentions?

MentionAre you using Google Alerts to track your mentions? Or do you use a social media tracker like Social Mention?

What if there was an app you could use online, on your Android phone, iPhone and your iPad?

Mention is a cool new tool that tracks your name, your business name or your keywords. The free plan includes 3 alerts (names, keywords, etc.), 500 mentions per month plus 1 month of history. Paid plans start at $19.95 per month.

Check it out and see if Mention is something you would like to try, and please come back and add your thoughts in using Mention below this article.


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  1. From the list of contents, your magazine appears to offer everything that the new, naive self-publisher needs to know. About to plunge in and soak up all the advice.
    Thanks Jeannie Barker. Yours, Jill Schaefer .

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